Boğaziçi University Annotation Tool (BoAT) - Standalone - v1

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Boğaziçi University
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Gözde, Berk,, Boğaziçi University
Boğaziçi University Annotation Tool (BoAT) is a desktop annotation tool which is specifically designed for dependency parsing and supports the CoNLL-U format. Annotation tools are fundamental to the facilitation of the annotation process of many NLP tasks including dependency parsing. BoAT offers both tree view and table view for the dependency parse of a sentence. In the tree view, the sentence is visualized in the form of a graph. In the table view, the sentence is shown along with its default fields which are ID, FORM, LEMMA, UPOS, XPOS, FEATS, HEAD, DEPREL, DEPS, and MISC. Annotators can customize the table view according to their needs. This tool easily can be built with the following instructions: 1. Obtain the code using one of the following methods: - Download and unzip OR - Use git "git clone" 2. Go to the newly created directory (if using zip the directory should be 'BoAT-main'. If using git the directory should be 'BoAT'). 3. Install the dependencies by "pip install -r requirements.txt" 4. Run the tool with the command "python" Please see for further information.
dependency annotation, linguistic annotation tool
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